Tips to Choose Ideal Colors for Your Bathroom

Though painting a room can be a time-consuming procedure, it can provide a breath of fresh air to any area or room. Since it can be costly and time-intensive, it is vital to select the right color from the get-go. To help you with that, here are the following important tips. If you follow the tips below, you can make sure that you’ll pick the most ideal color scheme you can use for your bath remodeling Trenton MI project that can add style and increase your home value.  

Factors for Choosing the Right Bathroom Color 


What is the balance of artificial light and natural light in this area? If half of your bathroom is placed below your stairs, it would be best not to consider natural lighting. However, your master bathroom positioned upstairs may have wonderful and appealing morning light. Concentrate on how the light can change in your bathroom as the day passes by. 

Bathroom Size 

If you want to go for an intense and bold bathroom color, you need to consider the size of your bathroom. When your bathroom is small in size, you can add additional spunk to the area by having bright pops of color. In grandmaster bathrooms, choosing extra bold colors may feel very overwhelming.  

Think about the big picture 

Determine what look you want to achieve for your new bathroom as a whole? Do you want your bathroom to have a similar color scheme to your entire house design? Those are some of the questions you need to consider. You can mainly base your decision of picking bathroom color by knowing that the color is only a part of several aspects that you need to consider as a whole.  

Tile and Flooring 

If you’re not planning to start with a completely blank canvas, make sure to consider the color of your existing tile and flooring. Colors that match one another can offer much more zen compared to using mismatched and too abrupt colors. When your project entails beginning from scratch with tile and floor options, take note of these elements while picking paint colors.  

Mostly Used Bathroom Paint Colors 

If you’re having a hard time imagining which color is most suitable for your bathroom, here are some of the colors you need to consider: 

  • Sage – Perhaps the best combination of green, gray, and blue is sage. This muted color can elicit an earthy vibe that’s not too overwhelming and calming.  
  • Blue- Blue shades are mostly used for bathrooms since they give a peaceful and soothing feeling. If you want a darker color of blue, you can pick from navy blue, slate blue, or powder blue. 
  • White – White walls can do the trick if you have a floor, tile, or vanity with darker colors or a dark bathroom that depends on artificial light. 
  • Gray – You can choose cool gray colors with bluish tones and grays that bring out more bright colors. Warmer grays can also accentuate more beige tones.  

Important Tips in Remodeling a Bathroom

Getting into remodeling or renovation sparks excitement. Even if you do need to mind the costs and every detail that goes into the process, enjoying the details you need to look into and immersing yourself in looking up affordable items that may go well with your bathroom is a journey that will surely be fulfilling.   

However, how do you really start a remodeling project?  

The usual goal of every homeowner is to put a bit of their personality into the property or space they own. This also resonates in bathroom remodeling projects. However, even if this sole purpose is important, making sure all the details, like, the bathroom fixtures, will complement all that is happening in the bathroom.   

So, what can you do to make this possible?  

1. Plan it all  

Planning is very important in every project, whether you are focused on a residential or commercial one. Make sure you consider the bathroom’s fixtures and how much of your budget goes into such details. After much consideration, you need to have an extra on the side for possible problems that may go on as the remodeling goes.   

When it comes to budgeting, you need to make sure that 20% is set aside for cots out of plan. Through this, you will not have a problem when a surprise cost or any issues come up. It is also vital to have an accountability partner when it comes to budgeting. Through doing so, you will be eliminating chances of overspending that was supposed to be budgeted for some other matters or details for other important parts of the bathroom. If you are living alone and building your dream bathroom, having a professional to lean on and plan with will help make the process easier. You can also rely on the expertise and may even be provided brilliant ideas in the process.   

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2. Choose to customize  

Just like your usual bathroom, a customized one is just as detailed. However, if you want to picture a customized bathroom, you can imagine it having a matching cabinet and countertop. The benefit of customized bathrooms is how you can easily touch your personality into the space you wish to upgrade. You can decide on the cabinets and facilities that go into the bathroom and try to make it yours. Through this, you can also easily fit the items you wish to fit into your available space since the size is also customizable.  

3. Know your goal before starting the remodel  

Decide first on what kind of bathroom you wish to have. Do you want to remodel a half bath, or would you like to get all-in on a full bath? Knowing this alone will make the decision-making easier. This will help you determine whether your remodeling process is focused on redoing all your bathroom and changing envy things up or just getting rid of the few and changing some while letting some of the details in the bathroom stay as it is.