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Placement of a Dental Bridge


A dental bridge is usually completed in two appointments. First your teeth are prepared for a permanent bridge and a temporary bridge is placed on the teeth for protection. A temporary bridge is easily removed; therefore care must be taken not to dislodge it before your permanent bridge is placed. Do not chew sticky foods such as caramel. When flossing, pull the floss out the side; do not pop it through the contact with the tooth next to it. You will not be able to floss between the teeth of your temporary bridge. If your temporary bridge comes off, you can place some toothpaste inside it and put it back on, then call our office during normal business hours and we will re-cement it for you. It will take about 15 minutes.

Do not leave your temporary bridge off, even if you have no discomfort. Without a temporary bridge to hold your teeth in place, your teeth can move, causing your new bridge to fit poorly. If that occurs, you would have to purchase another bridge.

Be sure to bring the temporary with you to the appointment where we will seat the permanent bridge.

Your gums may be sore after placement of a dental bridge. Warm salt water rinses will speed healing.

You may have some sensitivity to hot or cold. This is common and normal.

If you feel like you are biting first or harder on your temporary or permanent bridge, call us for an adjustment to prevent the development of a sore tooth.

Be sure to brush and floss your new bridge. With a bridge, you will need a special floss threader or other aids to reach and clean all areas properly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call our office.